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The Anisotropic Network Model web server at 2015 (ANM 2.0), Eyal E, Lum G, Bahar I. Bioinformatics. pii: btu847, (2015) New version 2.0 (pdf) Abstract (PMID:25568280)

Anisotropic network model: systematic evaluation and a new web interface, Eyal E, Yang LW, Bahar I. Bioinformatics. 22, 2619-2627, (2006) Original Paper (pdf) Abstract (PMID:16928735)

The model

Dynamics of proteins predicted by molecular dynamics simulations and analytical approaches: application to alpha-amylase inhibitor , Doruker, P, Atilgan, AR & Bahar, I, Proteins, 15, 512-524, (2000). Full Paper (pdf) Abstract (PMID:10861943)

Anisotropy of fluctuation dynamics of proteins with an elastic network model , Atilgan, AR, Durrell, SR, Jernigan, RL, Demirel, MC, Keskin, O. & Bahar, I. Biophys. J. 80, 505-515, (2001). Full Paper (pdf) Abstract (PMID:11159421)

Related simple EN models

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Selected biological applications of ANM and related simple EN models

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