Having problems with Java?

  • Java is required in order to take advantage of the graphical capabilities of this site. First make sure that Java is installed in your local computer. In many systems, in particular in those with the Windows operation system, Java is already installed. You can verify if Java is installed on your computer at this page or by typing in a command line window:

    >java -version

  • If Java is not installed you should install it, for example using instructions in this page.

  • You then need to make sure that the browser you are using supports and enables Java. Here are good instructions how to do that.

  • In Linux systems you might need to manually install the plugin for your browser. See for example this page or use the icedtea plugin.
    In Ubuntu the following command is all you need to install icedtea (assuming no communication or permission issues):

    >sudo apt-get install icedtea-7-plugin

    in Centos linux, your command should be:

    >yum install icedtea-web

  • Java has security issues, and recently browsers and operation systems became more restrictive in the default privileges given to untrusted Java applets.

    If you get a security warning which asking about running the application, simply sign that you accept the risk and press the "run" button.

    If you get a message stating that you need to approve the plug-in, right click the mouse while on the applet area and then choose to run this plug-in. In the subsequent pop-up window approve this selection by checking the message "I accept the risk and want to run this app" and press "Run". You may update your Java version to avoid future warnings.

    You may get a direct warning that you java version is out of date. You can update it by pressing "Update", however if you want to delay the updating process and continue, you may chose the "Later" option.

    If you get a security message stating that the applet is not trustable and cannot be run, you may tell Java to trust this site: In Windows you should search for the Java control page. This panel may be found at the start menu ("Configuring Java"), from the programs menu in the system Control Panel, or by typing "java" in the command prompt in Windows operation systems. In the Java Control Panel, choose the "Security" tab in the upper part. Press the "Edit Site List..." button and add "http://anm.csb.pitt.edu" to the list of locations. Press OK. Now restart your browser and you should be able to open Jmol applets in the new ANM web server.